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happy little pill made someone a happy little tilly


Omg u guise onl y rEAL fans knw that troy started as a potate in a canadian moOVIE callde spud!!1!1 SRSLY 💁

okay…well i realize all the spelling mistakes here and i dont mind any of them but one… as in troy. so here you go
"Omg u guise onl y rEAL fans knw that" Troye IS SPELLED WITH AN E

Hi purrplelady, I think you may have misunderstood the point of the post. I am aware of the proper spelling of Troye’s name, but that is not what makes me a “real” fan of his. Please read this post explaining the spelling mistakes or at least skip down to point 1. Thank you so much and I hope you have a great day ♡♡♡

they fit together like two peas in a pod

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She’s more than just a tad rad so go follow! I’m so lame oh god das ist lacherlich

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For ma b winksandtwinks

bear with me, nuggets

This message is coming to you in 3 parts:

This “Spud” post is a joke. I tried to make the grammar so bad that it was obvious, but some of you still seem a little confused, so this post is to clear the air.

I said it is a joke, but more specifically, it is supposed to be facetious commentary on the current divide in our fandom. I do not believe in such distinctions as “real” fans or “fake” fans. Philosophically, I find it absurd to try to associate a motive with one’s liking of something/someone (especially considering we don’t have huge audiences or sponsors like celebrities do), but on a more pragmatic level, you do not have the right to dictate what someone does or does not like and you do not have the right to tell that someone that their “like” is less valid than yours. If you saw the original post, you would have seen that my tags read as follows: “Please stop telling new fans they are lesser just because they found Troye through his music. All of us are fans. All of us are important. And all of us are here to support Troye.” I stand by that statement.

I want to address two specific aspects of the post and two specific blogs (because they don’t have their asks open for me to clarify personally)

  1. asgardianyoutubegiraffe, the misspelling of Troye’s name was deliberate (part of my make-this-post-as-obviously-fake-as-you-can strategy). I, too, get frustrated when I see “Troye” spelled “Troy,” but regardless of that, I still don’t think proper spelling is what deems someone a “real” fan. In the end, spelling and grammar are just constructs to facilitate communication and a missing “e” is something pretty petty to stipulate as a condition to be a part of a fandom.
  2. whydidifallforthis, I know that the Spud films are South African. I remember searching for them for ages and not being able to get a hold of one until recently. I hope I didn’t offend any South Africans, but again, the point was to make the post as factually incorrect as possible so that no one would think it was serious.

Sorry for any confusion that post may have caused, but I really hope you take this to heart when you come into contact with newer fans. A fandom is not some sort of hipster competition—it is a family ♡♡♡

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